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A view of Domaine La Castagne [click to enlarge]Domaine La Castagne borders the historic village of Montmaur in the Languedoc-Roussillon. The village is situated at the centre of a triangle of three busy market towns - Castelnaudary, Revel and Villefranche-de-Lauragais.
Montmaur: the village has a 12th-century château, an elegant church and panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.Visit Château-de-Montmaur [click to enlarge]
A nearby restaurant [click to enlarge]La Bastide d’Anjou: this village has a boulangerie, a butcher, a tabac, a doctor, a pharmacy, a hairdresser and three restaurants. La Bastide d’Anjou is a seven-minute drive away from Domaine La Castagne.
St-Felix-de-Lauragais: this medieval, walled town is a ten-minute drive away and has an artisan boulangerie and two restaurants - one of which is "Le Poids Public", which has a Michelin star.St-Félix-Lauragais [click to enlarge]
View of the Montagne Noire [click to enlarge]St-Felix-de-Lauragais is located at one end of a high plateau and has breathtaking views of both the Montagne Noire and the Pyrénées.
Revel: this bastide town is a fifteen-minute drive away to the north of Domaine La Castagne. It has many "art meubles" furniture workshops and is famous for its Saturday market.Market day in Revel [click to enlarge]
The Canal-du-Midi [click to enlarge]Canal-du-Midi: this UNESCO world heritage site is only 10 minutes away from Domaine La Castagne. The excellent cycle path along the canal which connects Castelnaudary to Toulouse is ideal for cyclists of all ages.
Castelnaudary: set on the banks of the Canal-du-Midi, Castelnaudary is just 15 minutes to the south of Domaine La Castagne. It has a very good market every Monday.Castelnaudary [click to enlarge]
Poppies in June [click to enlarge]Castelnaudary is the capital of the region’s speciality - "cassoulet". The dish is celebrated with a festival every August - and there are, of course, numerous restaurants in the town where you can sample this delicacy.
Toulouse: from churches, museums and art galleries to designer shops, bars and restaurants, Toulouse has much to offer and is a great place for a day out. "La Ville Rose" is also home to Airbus and the high-tech "Cité de l’Espace".Local wildlife [click to enlarge]
Carcassonne [click to enlarge]Carcassonne: this fairytale UNESCO world heritage site has a 13th-century medieval castle which must not be missed! And if you’re here on Bastille Day, the impressive firework display over the cité lights up the sky for miles around.
The Mediterranean: the beaches and resorts of the Mediterranean are just a 75-minute drive away. Head for Narbonne Plage or explore the many tiny fishing villages - such as the delightful Collioure - as you drive south along the coast towards Spain.Collioure [click to enlarge]
The Pyrénées [click to enlarge]The Pyrénées: ski in winter or walk all year round in the mountains. Our nearest ski resort - Mont d’Olmes - is about an hour away.
Andorra: if duty-free shopping attracts you, a trip to neighbouring Andorra will not disappoint you!Poppy [click to enlarge]
A little history...
Dating back to prehistoric times, the village of Montmaur was named after "le mont des Maures" - a direct reference to the Saracen invasion and occupation of the area. The "Château de Montmaur" was first mentioned in 1212, when it was occupied by Simon de Montfort.

Windmill; "Château de Montmaur"; 16th-century "Château de Valès"; 15th-century "Eglise St-Baudile".

Things to see & do
"Ruisseau du Marès"; walking; pony-trekking; local fête: the first Sunday after 21 May each year.
Area1261 ha (4.9 sq miles)
Altitude247 m (810 ft)
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Tourisme département 11
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